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Farmer Motivational Programs:

  1. Why suicide?
  2. Family values
  3. Importance of education
  4. Trending agriculture as a business, and farmer as a businessman
  5. Generating employment by creating need for labour
  6. Effective use of resources
  7. Social spending
  8. One to one consultation

Farmer Awareness Programs:

  1. Cost effective Cotton cultivation practices
  2. Usage of medicines on cotton crop and their right application
  3. Sugarcane farmers “110 tons’ target-oriented program
  4. Application of medicines for sugarcane crop
  5. Exact utilisation of resources
  6. Importance of dosage (quantity per pump) for respective crops
  7. Preventive measures for crops

Farm Solutions:

  1. Soil testing facility for farmers
  2. Connecting dots (farmer – direct market)
  3. Weather Reports
  4. Spraying Schedule sms to more than 1.5 lakh farmers every week
  5. Cross cropping techniques
  6. Pictorial presentations of pests in book