To Educate Farmers Technically


    ** Golden Opportunities for Farmers **

*The White Gold Trust Aurangabad, organizes discussion and guidance for progressive farmers The event has been organized in some of the following places in our district.

* Under the guidance of-
Mr. Gajanan Jadhao .

(Author, White Gold a new direction and founder president White Gold Trust Aurangabad)

topic -

* Technical information about cotton, tur soyabeen, urid and moong for farmers,
crop income and production changes, reduced income and rising costs, pest control. * Extra information about spraying method, modern tur plantation method
* In this if you have any queries related to agriculture, you can discuss them
and solve your problems in the discussion.

     ::🔴🔴🔴 Wardha district🔴🔴🔴 ::

** Samudrapur **

- Date- 27/04/19
* Venue - Parvat Lawn, Jam Road, Samudrapur
* Time - 10.00am
* Contact-9881571949

** Pulgaon **

- Date- 30/04/19
* Venue - Parshwanath Mangal Karyalay, Pulgaon
* Time -10.00am
* Contact -8888877672

** Deoli **

- Date- 30/04/19
* Venue- Shamsundur Agarwal Dharmashala, opposite bus stand, Deoli
* Time - evening 5:00 pm.
* Contact- 8888842947

        :: 🔴🔴🔴 Yavatmal District 🔴🔴🔴 ::

** Wani **

- Date- 27/04/19
* Venue - Anis Hall Yavatmal Road, Wani
* Time - evening 6.00 pm
* Contact -8888843089

** Darwa **

- Date- 28/04/19
* Venue - Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sanskrutik Bhawan Yavatmal Road, Darwha
* Time - 9.30am
* Contact -8888843015

** Pandharkawda **

- Date-29/04/19
* Venue - Surana Bhawan, Pandharkawda
* Time - 10.30am
* Contact -8888843089

     ::🔴🔴🔴 Nanded and Parbhani district🔴🔴🔴 ::

** Sarkhani **

- Date- 28/04/19
* Venue-Sona Garden, Sarkhani, Tq. Kinwat, Dist. Nanded
* Time - evening 6.30 pm
* Contact -8888819023

** Selu **

- Date- 04/05/19
* Venue - Sai Mangal Karyalay, Selu, Dist. Parbhani
* Time - 10.00 am
* Contact -8888836482

** Naygaon **

- Date-05/05/19
* Venue - Ambika Garden, Naygaon, Tq. Naygaon, district Nanded
* Time - 10.00am
* Contact -8888842946

     ::🔴🔴🔴 Chandrapur district🔴🔴🔴 ::

** Korpna **

- Date-01/05/19
* Venue - Shrikrishna Auditorium, Korpna
* Time- 10.00am.
* Contact -8888876537

** Nandphata **

- Date-01/05/19
* Venue - Sanskrutik Bhavan, Nandphata
* Time - evening 4.30 pm.
* Contact -8888842947, 8888843015

** Chandrapur **

- Date-03/05/19
* Venue - Joddeul Pathanpura, Chandrapur
* Time - 10:00 am
* Contact- 9881571949

Organizer -
White Gold Trust, Aurangabad

Why To Educate Farmers?

Indian farmer and farming business are suffering from infinite difficulties. Everyone having sympathy for farmers. He is being the real hero of the world, who nurture everyone. The status of farming and farmers is very sordid and there are many reasons for this cause. As such till the farmer does not show affection and integrity toward the farming, they have started believing that their situation will not make any more difference.

To increase integrity and confidence of farmers, it is very essentials to increase the farmer's income and for this reason, he needed to learn the new technologies, crop management, crop production planning, low-cost planning etc. Therefore, White Gold Trust is trying to educate the farmers in literally in the real sense.

Considering to the area of the work, which is huge work, however, we are working on this huge task since last 4 to 5 years and now we are getting the real result of the efforts. Moreover, if all factors of society come together and take an effort, farming business will be benefited, and farmers will economically move towards prosperity and will increase their confidence and farmers will be financially getting much stronger.


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Weather Forecasting

We provide information of weather forecast in all seasons and provide all the needful information for good crop management.

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Technical Education to Farmers

We educate farmers to make them familiar with latest technologies.So as to minimize the cost of production

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Lab To Field Program

We as a Agriculture based trust, focus more on transferring new techniques developed in laboratories by our Research & Development team to Farmers.

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Connecting Farmers Digitally

We are always there to help farmers, taking a step forward by showing them various apportunities and information related to agriculture by contacting them digitally. Our social media support follows connected farmers without any fall.

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Motivating Farmers

We strongly believe that our motivational programs and meetings will help the farmers to grow morally and financially. Their passion towards farming and our motivation will definately raise the productivity.

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Soil Health & Pest Management

We educate farmers about financial planning, crop rotations, soil health, pest management, etc.We make them familiar with the new techniques and employment apportunities.

How Far We Reached


WhiteGold Trust aims at simplifying farmer’s life by providing updated knowledge and spreading awareness. And we have successfully reached more than 200000 farmers for spraying schedule recommendations weekly, in the state of Maharashtra.

Every Monday or alternate Monday our messages reach approx 17000 villages covering all Vidharbha, Marathwada and Khandesh. These messages contain geography wise timely solutions for current problems. Every spray schedule is designed crop-wise. We promote more of cost-effective farming practices, for which our R & D constantly hunts for keeping ourselves updated with cost-effective solutions for different pests and genetics problems.